Friday, 8 April 2011

April 8th - Friday

Sorry for not keeping up to date with the blog but I had a virus that knocked me off my feet.

I have some good news though.. I'm fighting on 14th May 2011 for British Cage Fighting Association, Braintree, Essex.   Its a Semi Pro fight and I agreed to the fight on Tuesday night but my opponent is T.B.A

I started back training last night after a coarse of tablets from the doc's.  I did some light training just to see how I got on.

Today I have done weights and some boxing training (which went ok but my timing was off)

Thursday, 31 March 2011

March 30th - Wednesday

I'm a little late with this one as I was busy with work.

I didn't train til 7.30pm because of work issues.  I did the following and I must admit I was feeling a bit rought

Mauy Thai/Boxing

100  -   V sit ups
50    -   Push ups from fists (not easy for me)

60 sec rest then repeat 3 times

50    -   Circling (Right) kicks over stomach high pole - Right leg
50    -   Circling (Left) kicks over stomach high pole - Right leg
50    -   Circling (Right) kicks over stomach high pole - Left leg
50    -   Circling (Left) kicks over stomach high pole - Left leg
50    -   Bob and weave with outside straight - Left Side
50    -   Bob and weave with outside straight - Right Side

I was feeling the pain here BIG TIME!

100  -  Crunches  to finish

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

March 29th - Tuesday

I got on the bike yesterday and did 16.10k in 38mins 19secs,  Not sure if that's a good time or not time?

I woke this morning feeling tight and sore in the back of my thighs, so I did 20mins stretching to loosen the muscles off.  Not sure I did enough yesterday as it was 8pm by the time I finally got on the bike.

Today is a cardio day for me and I like to mix it up with body weight training.  First thing this morning I did the following

10 mins Skipping

100  -  Left jabs on the heavy bag
100  -  Right Jabs on the heavy bag
100  -  Left front kicks
100  -  Right front kicks

2 min rest

100  -  Crunches
100  -  Side Crunches  -  Left
100  -  Side Crunches  -  Right
100  -  Push Ups


3.2 mile run tonight.  I like to do the run either first thing in the morning or in the evenings because the roads are less busy and its cooler too.  I normally do this run in 24 - 26 minutes.   I'm curious what other people do this in?  Please do put your times down it you want.
The guys I train with have some amazing times they run in but they are about three stones lighter than me. (I'm 205lb at the moment)

I've been training for a little while now since my meningitis and I am definitely feeling the improvements.

Monday, 28 March 2011

March 28th - Monday

Its funny really I look forward to Sundays so much because it's my day off, but once it comes I find myself wanting to to do something.  It's like an itch I really want to scratch.  Yesterday I wanted to do some body weight training (crunches, press ups, side crunches etc..)  I was watching Rocky 4 on ITV4 so I guess watching Rocky training with the Cart and rocks was a driver for that.

All joking apart I get this every Sunday without fail.  But the difference today is that I normally have to push myself to get going on Mondays but today I was really up for training. 

I've started taking Creatine and I finished the stacking up yesterday so I'm on the 1 -2 scoops a day.  I took my scoop of creatine before I trained (about an hour before)  When I was ready I did

30 mins skipping with the heavy rope.

10   -   Bent over Rows
10   -   Upright Rows
10   -   Good Morning
10   -   Split Squats (Each side)
10   -   Push Press
10   -   Straight Legged Dead Lift
10   -   Military Press

60 secs rest and repeat 6 more times.  (This is a Randy Couture S&C routine)

After this I rested for 2 mins then did

100    -   Crunches

60 sec rest

100    -   Side Crunches

60 sec rest

100    -   Twist Crunches

I then stopped for lunch.  Not the most interesting of lunches,  I had mushroom and chicken Pate on Wholemeal bread. Two sandwiches.  A cup of green tea and 1 apple.

I work for myself running a couple of companies which I have to work into my day to day training. 

It's about 4.30pm and I am going to get onto the Recumbent exercise  Bike for 40mins. 
I was running 3 miles 6 days a week until I got shin splints which has prevented me from doing this at the moment but I am starting run this week.

After the bike I will do 20mins on BOB (Body Opponent Bag) then that's me done for today.

Starting my training

I'm a 29yr old male, I've been training in Mauy Thai, BJJ, Bujutsu and Boxing for about 4 - 5 years and about two years ago I decided that I wanted to test myself in the Cage/Ring, but after a few minor hiccups I started training until January 2010 I got Meningitis (Viral Brain infection)  I now have a clear bill of health and I am back in training.

I am currently looking for my first fight in the Middleweight's.  I am doing this blog so I can share my day to day trails and the journey I am taking to get to each and every fight.  I currently have no team and I train at various gyms in and around Norfolk, UK.

If you have any advice or tips then please share them (No offence messages please)